The Missing Link: Belonging and Programs

The Missing Link: Belonging and Programs is a two-part video series that explores the links between belonging, program design and effectiveness. In the series, Gary Machan introduces the concept of sense of belonging and why it matters to good health and provides an overview of the typology of supports, i.e. concrete, educational, emotional, and social integration. Drawing on over twenty years of field experience as a community developer, he offers some key program design considerations required to have a positive impact on complex clients, especially those who are socially isolated.

Gary Machan is currently employed by the Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC) and is lending his expertise and passion to help guide the transformation towards a culture of health and wellbeing. Through the course of his career he has received several provincial awards including the AOHC’s 2nd Stage of Medicare Award, Ontario Tobacco Network Innovative Leadership Award and Food Champion Award. He has taught at the university and college levels, and is an associate with the Centre for Inner Freedom where his work was profiled in the best seller Finding the Still Point. He resides on a conserver society cooperative with his wife and two children in the Horseshoe Valley area.

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