Shift the Conversation: Living Standards

The living standards domain tracks not only the capacity of the Canadian economy to grow, but more importantly its capacity for economic stability, sustainability and future income streams for people.

This translates into quality job creation and economies so that individuals and families can meet their basic material needs; such as housing and food security. The living standards domain overlaps with many of the other CIW domains.

Oriole Food Space

For the newcomers, refugees and parents who frequent the Oriole Food Space, preparing food is about feeding the body as well as the soul. Food is a key component of living standards, which along with other factors such as income, economic security, housing and social services is intimately connected to how people experience health and wellbeing.

With a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Oriole Food Space opened its doors in 2013. The multi-use community food space offers a variety of programs, including community kitchens, drop-in food bank hours, food skills workshops, gardening workshops, and farm trips.The partner organizations, Fairview Food Security Network, Flemington Health Centre, North York Harvest Food Bank, and Working Women Community Centre, all share the belief that good food is a foundation for good health.

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