VIDEO: Charting the impact of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing in the work of Community Health Centres

2017 marks 10 years since Roy Romanow, former Saskatchewan premier and author of the landmark report on the future of health care in Canada, first spoke at the annual AOHC Conference and introduced members to the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW). The talk inspired AOHC members to use the CIW as a powerful tool to make health and wellbeing part of the conversation and decision-making processes.

What AOHC began 10 years ago has turned into a province-wide movement. Over 40 AOHC members are now using the CIW to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and entire communities.

To celebrate this work, AOHC produced a video highlighting member successes and milestones.


Charting the impact of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing in the work of community health centres from AOHC ACSO on Vimeo.

This video illustrates how the work evolved and gained momentum, from Woolwich Community Health Centre using the CIW for strategic planning to members across the province implementing the Be Well survey, developing community partnerships with a range of stakeholders, and releasing wellbeing reports. These efforts have shifted the dialogue internally (at the strategic board level and beyond) and externally (stressing the importance of making health and wellbeing part of the lens for decision-making).

AOHC members were among the first organizations in Canada to use the CIW in community health settings, underscoring their role as innovators and transformative change leaders in the health system. Their work using the CIW has demonstrated how well positioned they are to collaborate on complex issues with partners from many different sectors, advocate for evidence-based decision-making, and measure the impact of health promotion and community development initiatives.
To further explore examples of the CIW in action, read stories of positive change, and access resources to help you apply the CIW in your organization, browse our website.

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