Check out our resources to see how you can put the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) to work. In this section you will find our reports, toolkit, more information about the Be Well survey, as well as an opportunity to dive deeper into one of the core domains of the CIW through our belonging guide.



Measuring What Matters: How the Canadian Index of Wellbeing can improve quality of life in Ontario concept paper lays the foundation for why we need to shift the conversation about health and wellbeing. It outlines how the CIW can be applied at the provincial, regional and local level and offers examples of how it is already being put into action by municipal governments, funders and a significant number of Community Health Centres. Read the paper.

Community Wellbeing Reports

The Association of Ontario Health Centres has developed a series of community wellbeing reports. Using the CIW domains and indicators, the reports provide a comprehensive data-driven snapshot of a community’s quality of life. Based on the evidence gathered, the reports also include ideas for action in the form of policy recommendations. Learn more about the reports and how they can help to engage people and their elected representatives to make informed decisions that result in healthier communities.


Across the province of Ontario, members of the Association of Ontario Health Centres are using the CIW framework and metrics in a variety of innovative ways: from developing strategic plans and growing partnerships around shared priorities, to raising awareness about the need for evidence-informed decision making. Explore our toolkit for examples of how Community Health Centres and other organizations are incorporating the CIW into their work.

The Belonging Guide

What is belonging? Why is it important for good health? And what can organizations do to increase it? The belonging guide answers these questions and features leading examples of initiatives and programs that help to cultivate relationships and community connections. Have a look at our online belonging guide.

The Be Well Survey

The Be Well survey helps organizations deepen their understanding of the people and communities they serve by asking questions that touch on all eight domains of the CIW. The survey findings help to improve clinical intake for complex clients, inform effective health promotion and community initiatives as well as support advocacy and policy work. Read more about the initiative.