This page contains a menu of choices that you can use to apply the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) as part of the work of your organization. Our intent is to provide you with concrete illustrations from Community Health Centres that are imbedding the CIW into their core operations.


Intake & Navigation

Since the first contact and experience for many clients of CHCs is our intake process, it is vitally important that we develop new approaches that include a stronger focus on community factors. Learn more about how Vaughan and Chigamik CHC are using the CIW as part of their intake process.

Community Partnerships

One of the overarching goals for CHCs is Community Belonging which can come about when its clients and members are engaged in a meaningful way and relationships are nurtured. Learn more about how Woodstock CHC is employing the CIW to promote Community Belonging.

Strategic Planning

As part of the accreditation process, all CHCs are required to perform regular strategic plans which often includes a community profile by which to make informed decisions for future activities. Learn more about how Woolwich CHC is using the CIW as part of its strategic planning process.

Community Engagement

One of the major factors which distinguishes CHCs from other primary health care delivery models is the work that it performs in the community to promote higher levels of Community Wellbeing. Learn more about how Kingston CHC is using the CIW as a community engagement tool.


In order for CHCs to be regarded as 'leaders amongst leaders' in helping to move forward the agenda to promote community wellbeing, it is essential to develop high impact, high profile communications. Learn more about how the Resilience Collaborative raised awareness about the CIW

Policy & Advocacy

CHCs are mandated to focus on the social determinants of health – the wide variety of social, economic, environmental and cultural factors that shape our wellbeing. Learn more about how CHCs are advancing advocacy and healthy public policy through the release of local wellbeing reports that draw on the CIW framework.

Research & Evaluation

To capture the important work done by CHCs outside of primary care, it is necessary to identify, track, and measure the impact of non-clinical indicators on health and wellbeing. Learn more about how CHCs are using the “Be Well” survey to gain a more comprehensive picture of the clients they serve.